Cyber Security Education Hacks: Engagement and Entertainment

Cyber Security Education Hacks

For the sake of setting context, let us look at the scary cyber attacks in India statistics yet again. In 2020, nearly 1.16 million cyber attacks were reported in our country. It translates to roughly 3,137 cyber attacks on a daily basis throughout the year. This shows the increasing trend of cyber attacks India faces on a regular basis. 

Most companies have been victims of one of these cyber attacks recent times have seen. The problem is, perhaps, not your cyber security software or your cyber security team. It is the contribution of other teams. 80% Indian companies struggle with security awareness among employees.

Our solution to this underrated problem is — creativity and engagement! We’re talking creativity, experimentation, modern tech, gamification, storytelling, and rich engagement. Before getting to that, let’s delve into the problem a little bit.

Threats Begin From Home…

As per the 2020 Value of Data study, there has been a 31% increase in insider threats in Indian companies. The fact is that many of these are not even intentional. Ignorance happens because employees hardly retain any cyber security education. The change we require now is psychological. 

Is Cyber Security Simply Boring?

What are cyber attacks? Types of cyber attacks. How to raise alarms. These are things that you have reiterated and communicated through different newsletters, emails, advisories, and announcements. 

A quick survey around the office, and you might realize that employees find awareness material banal. They probably ignore security emails just as they ignore HR advisories.

Employees are in the habit of following some practices only while at the office and not at all times. With Work From Home being the new norm, it is easier for them to ignore your painstakingly-made material; and tougher for you to maintain security of office devices. 

Add Some Games and Make The Competition Real

Reward systems work for education across age groups. In the US, where gamification is more advanced as an education technique, 80% of workers believe that learning becomes more engaging through gamification.

Imagine interactive narratives and gamified activities that aid memory, comprehension, and pique interest . Add  to this reward points and leaderboards, and you have given the necessary kick for employees to sit up and take note. They will now not only retain information, but also engage with each other over fun and games.

Storytelling + Tech: The Marriage of The Century

Whether you are a marketing person or not, you would know that stories drive communication. Rather than stating facts, tell your employees stories that depict solutions. At iRealities, we believe in the marriage of storytelling with  tech and animation.

Along with gamification, using interactive content instead of traditionally informative sessions can add to the intrigue. Some elements you could use in your strategy are visual aids, reward points, digital content strategy etc. In addition to these, we can also curate unique and interactive videos that can enhance the learning curve of your employees. 

The iRealities Edge

iRealities has technology at its core with a deep understanding of security lapses. Being India’s largest digital transformation company, we have experience working with corporates in varying capacities. 

With a unique approach of storytelling, animation, and gamification, and more, we can make cyber security more engaging, relevant, interesting, and fun for your employees. iSECURE EXPRESS, our very own Information Security Awareness Course, which is used by tech giants such as Mahindra, Infosys, and more will help your company stay effectively secure through an interactive and engaging learning module.

In a Nutshell 

Cyber attacks meaning to breach data, steal money, attack systems, etc. are on the rise. You need all hands on deck for fighting these malicious cyber attacks. Types and techniques of cyber attacks from criminals are evolving, and so must your company. To win employees’ trust and dedication towards your cyber security efforts, engagement and interactivity is the way to go. iRealities can make all of this happen with its multi-fold elearning, interactive digital content, gamification, and the ultimate fusion of storytelling and tech. 

CSOs and CIOs, get ready for some fun and games, and a stronger and more secure organization.

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