How to make successful animated videos for your business?

animated videos for your business

Toy Story is one of the best-animated films ever!! When spoken of Toy Story, there’s an image that pops up in your mind within seconds, isn’t it? It is so effortlessly recognizable and relatable. What made the movie so successful? Was it animation or the story? Or was it technology? Let’s dig in.

Your answers to what and how to create successful animated videos will be cleared today. If you notice, one of the supreme reasons for any successful animated film or video is the enthralling & captivating story it tells. But having said that it’s important how the story is told, the Visuals, planning and execution play a vital role. Here’s where animation companies come into the picture. 

Animation incarnated years ago is in a super competitive business today. It’s an oceanic opportunity out there, afoot!! You’ve got to dive deep to yield the best pearls. But what is it that you need to do to get the “WOW” response from your viewers? 

Firstly you need an excellent team of executors to bring your vision to your audience. Animation companies have evolved drastically over the years. One such rare and long-standing company is iRealities. The team of iRealities focuses on every aspect of video animation. They believe it is not just the aesthetics of the video that take it to the top performer, but what’s in the video. “There are either marketers, film-makers, scientists, or idealists. We are all in one” says iRealities.

Below mentioned are a few points that explain what makes the best-animated videos.

1. Story Execution Done Right

Thoughtful scripting is the most important way to get started. Ensure your video always tells a compelling story with the right tone and super conversational language. The video should relate to the target audience and communicate its unique value proposition in the simplest way possible.

2. Involve emotion and interest in the subject matter

Adding to point one, your video must be filled with emotions with the story you tell. It doesn’t have to always be a happy ending fairytale type but it needs to be delivered in the right emotion to your audiences. When you design your story with emotions and culture you’re promoting a brand promise through a promotional video that deviates from traditional marketing traits and focuses on brand value.

3.Engaging music 

Never forget that music connects a lot. Be it, people, be it emotions or be it liking and trust in a matter. But how do you know what’s the music or background score that’ll go with your commercial video or film? A piece of really good and powerful music is the one that gives the message while setting the right mood in, particularly suitable genre. And this is how you innovate goosebumps-worth energy in your audiences. 

4.Efficient animation 

When we speak of efficient animation, we are not just talking about seamless motion graphics and highly technically designed characters. We’re talking about what exactly goes in creating and defining the right characters while setting the right animation tangents to the story. Know your animated video approach, know your target audience and know what style of video needs to be promoted out there.

Animated videos are the most efficient media projection of telling complex stories in the simplest way

5.Linking through hypothetical dimensions

When we talk about being hypothetical here what we mean is that there is no limit or boundary to create your animated video unlike in actual video production. You can curate your character and story visuals in any relatable context that suits your creative exposition. For eg: When Vodafone created zoo-zoos, they were unreal characters yet projected strong and relatable experiences to humans. 

6.Keep it simple and connecting

For most animated videos, the more simple and raw the message is the more authentic the content is to your audience. 

To conclude, ensure that your video is an amalgamation of a holistic business approach that is created and produced by all terms in a conversational, relatable, and measurable way. And to support this is what iRealities has to say, ” What we bring to the table is our understanding of marketability, we understand the science of business, we understand the science of communication, we understand the grammar of film making and we also understand the aesthetics and consumer behavior.”

So given all the tips and tricks above if you are looking for ways to use video marketing in 2021, animated videos are one trend you should consider. 

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