How to use e-learning effectively to keep employees engaged during COVID


The Covid-19 situation has put many companies under pressure, especially when it comes to managing and engaging their employees. The remote work evolution is here. The whole “Work from Home” module has made business employees less interactive, remote, and disorganized, thus drastically affecting employee training and learning. This routine can go on for a while now.

A few questions that come to mind are – How to gauge employee engagement remotely? Or How to keep your employee engaged throughout company training and learnings?

E-Learning can help fill in these gaps and can expand corporate training opportunities in the future.

Many eLearning development companies are driving strategies to develop the best eLearning module to fight the challenge of employee engagement on daily basis. It is said that eLearning development services are growing 10% yearly with more and more companies opting for it as a comfortable and cost-efficient method. With this math in consideration, 98% of companies are planning to use eLearning by the end of 2021. 

Continuing on HR and Training Management for employees, it is important to find ways to offer more intensive training and bring in more engagement with the right skills brought to you by eLearning development companies. However, technology has made it much easier to communicate electronically nowadays. But is that it?

When you use a process that evaluates the performance of your eLearning and actively improves it, you’ll get the maximum ROI

Building a virtual corporate or academic training module is more than just installing a learning platform. A well-designed online training program can boost productivity. To keep your employees and students entertained, you need to keep the training lively. Giving people tools to extract more value from your training by customizing it and making it more relevant is a great investment. This engagement comes from effective use of multimedia – visuals, communication & sound. The multimedia presentation gives you a lot of opportunities to engage your audience. Are we talking about films? Perhaps. But we all know the impact of films on every human is massive. Why is that so? It’s because their user engagement is to the maximum. Similarly, series on OTT platforms show huge engagement. Why? Again user delight and engagement. This is exactly what we want to bring into the training and learning industry. We want to maximize user and employee engagement to their respective companies by providing top-class eLearning modules that are no different than films and entertaining media. Making eLearning interesting for you and your employees. 

  • Storytelling & Scripting

In eLearning, effective content always has an underlying narrative. In order for it to be effective, the audience must be able to connect with it emotionally. An effective way to convey information to get your audience to care about the content. Storytelling is the most fundamental form of communication.

The course narrative is what helps guide the individual through a learning session. Its job is to grab the learner’s attention and then help them to connect with the material as well as with their own goals and abilities. A well-written script can captivate your audience. It is important to make the course feel like it was crafted for them alone. The secret to a great eLearning scripts is creating a personalized experience for your learners.

  • Animation
    In eLearning can bring in user accessibility and brings in knowledge approachability. Employees are exposed to quality content in different forms day in and out. OTT, Animation films, social media content etc. Your eLearning content is competing with these content. Hence it animation quality has to be on par to truly engage the audience. More so for the younger employees who now make up for a large chunk of the workforce. Animation provides an engaging form of entertainment which can be used as a tool for instructing, or entertainment value added to curriculum.

The use of animation in eLearning modules set the right tone for the employees and students to stay attentive and submerged in the training sessions.

  • Sound
    Sound can be one of the most effective ways to engage people, whether they are face-to-face or virtual. Sound effects in eLearning can reinforce when a learner gets right. It is possible to create a multi-sensory experience with sound effects in eLearning, thus making it one of the most important parameters in eLearning.
  • Attractive Visuals
    Research has shown that learners retain information longer and with more accuracy when that information is encountered in a visual format. With a whopping 90% engagement in employees through the right visuals it is far-fetch to disengage your employees.     

How can you personalize e-learning through us?

Partnering with eLearning companies that have the best knowledge and experience in curating exceptional content for your companies is a needed solution. iRealities has been a pioneer in creating and providing such content for a decade to companies across spaces, thus marking it to be one of the best eLearning content development companies in India. 

Having worked on successful entertainment projects for a long time, we bring just the perfect amount of entertainment and fun into the learning process. Our content is designed to help you increase the absorption and retention of information and apply it in real-life scenarios. It simplifies complex concepts so they can be explained in a friendlier manner. This makes iRealties your perfect partner.

Our eLearning content is a combination of animated real-life scenarios and engaging games. The reward system encourages engagement with the content. Our content is designed to help you increase the absorption and retention of information and apply it in real-life scenarios. It simplifies complex concepts so they can be explained in a friendlier manner. Our other focus is on UDD ( user delight design ) parameters and maximum user experience. We believe that internal communication is effective if the output results in a change of behaviour of employees.

Let’s indulge in the most effective eLearning module to work and succeed in our company performance and academics.

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