Websites are the digital stores of your business. The only difference is that in websites, unlike a traditional brick and mortar store, there are no dedicated sales personnel to meet and greet the incoming customers and assist them in buying what they seek. In websites, customers visit on their own, browse the offerings and if interested, make an online purchase. Initiating any purchase requires filling of a form. This is part of information gathering before proceeding to payment stage.

In case of buying financial products like mutual funds or insurance policy, a customer needs to input a lot of details in the online application forms. These start from their basic personal details like name, date of birth and continue with seeking minute details regarding their employment status, home address details, employer’s address, KYC details and what not. 

Now, here lies the challenge of whether the customer will fill up the complete form independently and not drop off mid-way due to the process being such lengthy and boring. This can be avoided with implementation of intelligent forms which can assist the respondents in this strenuous activity. 

Imagine how exciting would it be for each respondent, if the forms were intelligent enough to guide through the entire process in a personalized way, a lot more engagingly, just like a fun activity.

Drop off of users in filling forms leads to low form completion and low conversation

According to a study by Gartner, around $4 trillion was to be spent globally on IT by 2019.  The below chart shows Industry wise spending on IT during 2020 and the trend is only set to go higher.

IT Spending by Industry

However, in spite of such huge investments on technology by corporations across sectors, not much is being funneled towards developing this new practice of business, which will only lead towards higher revenues. Business communication is already changing its direction towards more interactive content being pushed across mediums. Higher the engagement better is the brand recall and more is the business in the longer run. Same in case of intelligent forms where in absence of it, a lot of lead is lost mid way. This leads to incorrect insights in the way that if the form is not filled, this means the user is not interested in the product, which may be untrue. It may be solely due to the users’ technophobia or the high effort needed to complete the forms in spite of having liked the product.

The need is to create user-friendly Web pages, equipped with intelligent forms for capturing customer queries. The forms need to be engaging and give an empathetic experience that guides the user throughout the journey effortless towards completion. The whole experience needs to be easy and simple. With the aid of technology, the gap can be bridged. The tasks to consider are:

  • Guidance & Hand Holding
  • Effective Communication
  • Optimisation of details
  • Easy user interface

An intelligent form is provided with interactive elements which assist the user to understand and complete the form fill-up easily. This can be achieved by letting the form feel like a real conversation. The conversation has to be made personal which ‘listens’ and ‘reacts’ to the answers which the respondents give. The digital interaction may be in form of chatbot, visual cues, or even AI. The goal is to make the form fill-up process more fun and engaging.  

iRealties – the pioneers of Intelligent Forms concept

iRealities’ differential approach to digital transformation is steeped in its experience of helping companies ranging from conglomerates to start-ups to embark and to successfully triumph their customer experience journeys. For clients who are yet to digitally set sail on their customer voyage, iRealities helps them launch and for ones who have already ventured on this iRealties strives to make their progress frictionless and fast. It is anchored by a team with proven and varied skill sets adept across all customer journeys and communication genres. This gives it the ability to accurately identify the client’s exact needs against his wants. This standpoint underscores its radical design philosophy of putting the function ahead of form. It uses technology innovatively as an enabler while engineering the desired client outcome. This contrarian perspective allows iRealities to provide an integrated tailor-made solution that addresses the client’s exact business problem, thus creating better RoI.

Since last 25 years, iRealties has made its mark as a digital transformation company that still harps on its start-up mindset of bold and disruptive thinking. Their unconventional methodology is the main enabler of their clients’ success stories across sectors and industries, especially in the BFSI. The financial companies are heavy collectors of user data through their website forms and iRealties have been assisting all such clients in getting their customers to experience the new age online form filling through their path breaking innovative technology of Intelligent Forms.

Intelligent Forms for business is a techno communication innovation pioneered by iRealties 

Being specialized in serving most BFSI clients since inception, iRealities is focused on creating customer facing tech innovation layers. We cover the length and breadth of offerings that encompass the entire customer journey spectrum – right from designing to delivering highly interactive personalized customer experiences. While designing such holistic solutions ranging across various communication platforms, we astutely apply relevant customer insights across various strata of audience demographics gleaned from our specific experience of working in the BFSI sector for 25 years. Our expertise is a benchmark in delivering every kind of clients’ technological needs, mostly in creating intelligent forms, intelligent comparative forms, irrespective of their geographic presence.

We look at the user through a bottom-up perspective than a top-down. The first principle of design thinking is empathy and that’s what we bring to the table. That’s what makes your business stand out from the crowd and introduction of intelligent forms in website will the first step towards it. 

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